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New: Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene went to Scotland and taught Love Energy Techniques to the Scottish family whose son married their daughter. A thousand years ago, one of their descendants Quetzalcoatl, a royal Scottish Warrior Senior High Priest founded the Knights Templar, located the Ark of the Covenant, had a vision with one of the Ark’s crystals, used an Ark’s map to find the Americas and marry Kukulkan, the Mayan Senior High Priestess Princess known as White Buffalo Calf Woman. Click to read more about this amazing couple. Click to order Mini Book #1.

Our new wonderfilled One Merkaba Activation Technique includes the ancient 5 Element Ceremony and the Guided Bilocations that Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene taught long ago have been condensed into a 4+ hour audio DVD that comes with a flash drive and 4 Unconditional Love Energized “Seer Stone” Healing Crystals in a silk pouch together with palo santo incense and beeswax candles for the 5 Element Ceremony. Click Here to read more and/or to order.

We also offer you these three new articles: The Nine Levels of Heavenly Enlightenment; Merkabas are Love Energies in Action; The Gospel of Mary Magdalene’s Esoteric Wisdom on Bilocation.

Do you know someone diagnosed with cancer? Over 13½ hours of wisdom and Love Energy Techniques for the self healing of cancer together with 10 Healing Crystals, several Healing Salves and much more are now available in our new Cancer Healing Package from our new Cancer Healing website. Click Here to read more/ order.

Guided Bilocation Meditation for Removing Stress: Ancient wisdom and modern techniques with 3 Love Energized “Seer Stones” results in an Out of Body Experience that rejuvenates your Body, Mind and Spirit while removing the large amounts of stress your body accumulates daily living in today’s stressful world. We now have Healing Salves for Stress and Cancer.

The uncensored truth about “The True Jesus and the True Mary Magdalene” is a wonderfilled adventure story of a man who descended from the level of God’s Awareness to help humanity. The man people call Jesus did not descend alone down to the 3rd dimensional level of human physical bodies.

  • Jesus – The esoteric reasons from ancient family documents why the man people call Jesus was called the “Son of God” as well as “The Light of God” and why he was called “The Way, the Truth and the Life”

  • Mary Magdalene - The esoteric reasons from ancient family documents why the woman called Mary Magdalene, wife of Jesus was called “The Love of God” and reasons why orthodox Christians and Jews have deliberately suppressed her wisdom and teachings for 2,000 years

  • One and Two Day Seminars - We now offer One to Two Day Seminars that enable participants to practice our Basic Love Energy Techniques under the guidance of a Love Energy Techniques Adept Teacher. These seminars now include a personal experience with Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss during a …. read more

  • Free Online DNA Test - Ten words repeated in an ancient way awakens energies in a descendant’s DNA and gives the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, an opportunity to feel their ancestor’s energies

  • CD/Downloadable Recordings – Hear recordings about Jesus’ “Lost Years”, his Travels to the Orient, Jesus’ wife Mary Magdalene, their 3 Children and Jesus’ Esoteric Wisdom as well as Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s ancient modernized Basic Love Energy Techniques, that include a “Enlightenment, the Wisdom and the Techniques” recording

  • Love Energy Techniques – We descendants are now teaching the True Jesus and True Mary Magdalene’s Love Energy Techniques, so men and women can “Be as Sons of God” by using God’s Unconditional Love Energies to consciously connect the Mind of their permanent Emotional Body to the brain of their temporary physical body

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