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Attain Enlightenment, the Wisdom and the Techniques

This recording gives one ancient wisdom about, (and a personal experience in), the state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment. Learn why Enlightenment is easy to attain, but difficult to retain. Hear how 5,000 years ago Thoth Hermes Trismegistus had “The Theory of Everything” carved into stone to help all of humanity.

Learn how Thoth’s “Emerald Tablet’s” one page of wisdom explains everything, including how the energies of Love and Light create the “Stardust” that builds planets and enables one to attain Enlightenment by transcending time and space.

Hear how life began on planet earth and how we, as humans, have an Individualized Conscious Awareness and a built in desire to go beyond Enlightenment so we may consciously Ascend back into the higher dimensional levels of existence from which we came.

Listen to how Love Energies can be used to expand one’s Conscious Awareness and how by using Love Energies one can activate one’s personal 3 energy spheres on 3 levels of one’s Conscious Awareness, so one’s Individualized Conscious Awareness is able one to visit the higher dimensional levels like Ezekiel.

Learn how the formation of Conscious Awarenesses for individual life forms began to occur with the first rains upon planet earth. Hear how the first rain drops formed and fell from the sky upon planet earth. Find out how the Conscious Awarenesses of a few chimpanzees evolved into the first Individualized Conscious Awarenesses of humanity.

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$5 from each CD/Download sold is donated to an African charity that feeds and educates a thousand destitute children living in corrugated tin shacks in slum areas that have no running water.