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Creation, the Truth about God and the Theory of Everything

The ancient 2,000 year old promise that one would be born at this time, who would be able to answer all questions of life, has now been fulfilled. All questions of life have now been answered in a recording called “Creation, the Truth about God and the Theory of Everything”. As promised, our Basic Love Energy Techniques contains almost all of the wisdom once associated with the legendary Horus Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt.

In this one recording there is “The Theory of Everything” for scientific oriented individuals, “the Truth about God” for religious oriented people, and “Creation” for open minded secular people. Learn how “The Theory of Everything” was once taught 2,700 years ago in ancient Egypt’s Horus Mystery Schools to Greek philosophers and thinkers, like Plato and Pythagoras.

The Theory of Everything answers all scientific questions including what are the “dark energies” that science says makes up 96% of the mass in our universe, but whose existence is still somewhat of a mystery to science. Hear how the free will choices made by the Conscious Awarenesses of hydrogen and oxygen atoms led to life forms upon planet earth.

This recording explains precisely who God is and exactly how a universe is created, from the first galaxy down to the first life forms. Learn the secrets of how planets are created and why once a planet’s moon comes into existence, individual free will decisions will create life forms upon a planet.

Hear precisely why humans were given their Emotional Bodies, Souls and Minds that differentiates them from all other animals and plants upon planet earth all in one downloadable recording, (or in one CD).

Click Here to listen right now to our “Creation, the Truth about God and the Theory of Everything” Basic Love Energy Techniques at home seminar recording in a $9 down load, (or to order the $15 CD). This recording is one of our new series of 10 at home seminar” recordings.

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$5 from each CD/Download sold is donated to an African charity that feeds and educates a thousand destitute children living in corrugated tin shacks in slum areas that have no running water.