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Love is the Answer to Everything

Many people in today’s world claim there is no such thing as Unconditional Love. However, we, Ga Ra and Za Ra, have personal experiences with the energies of Unconditional Love. Thus, we explain in our new CD/download details about how one has access to Conditional Love Energies within one’s 3rd dimensional physical body and Unconditional Love Energies within one’s 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

Our new Love is the Answer to Everything recording describes in depth how the brain of any human, (or animal), is capable of generating the energies of Conditional Love, but that only a human Mind is able to generate the higher level energies of Unconditional Love.

Listen to how Unconditional Love energies enabled the “Enlightened” monks and nuns taught by Guan Shi and Kwan Yin 3,000 years ago to use their Emotional Body’s energies of Love to move their physical body’s legs and arms so fast that they were able to use their bare hands to easily defeat other individuals armed with swords, spears and arrows.

Our new Love is the Answer CD/download enables one to understand exactly how the joyfilled and blissful energies of Unconditional Love heal 3D physical bodies and 4D Emotional Bodies. Hear how the energies of Unconditional Love are the answer to healing all diseases, performing miracles, walking on water and consciously visiting the higher dimensional levels of existence in our universe.

Click Here to listen right now to the Love is the Answer to Everything Basic Love Techniques at home seminar recording in a $9* downloadable recording, (or to order the $15* CD).

* We do what we say, we walk our talk. $5 from each CD/Download sold is donated to an African charity that feeds and educates a thousand destitute children living in corrugated tin shacks in slum areas that have no running water.