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Serenades of Love

Serenades of Love was recorded within the Ne-Ah-Ga-Ra and Ha-Ne-Ah-Yah Energy Grid. The sound of the water was recorded right after a special Teraphim Activation Ceremony at Ne-Ah-Ga-Ra, (Niagara Falls). The songs were recorded at Ha-Ne-Ah-Yah while performing special ceremonies that activated certain energies in the 10,000 year old Teraphim Energy Grid of “Turtle Rocks” in New York’s Finger Lake District.
Turtle Rocks, (found no place else in the world), are unique Teraphim whose Love Energized Songs are contained in the waterfall sounds that create the mystical background energies that dance with the energies of the Love Energized Songs sung by two magnetic-electro energy singers.
Love’s magnetic electrons and Light’s electro protons dance together throughout our entire universe. When Light leads the dance, the energies are electro-magnetic but when Love leads the dance, the energies totally transform becoming mystical and magnetic-electro.
The two singers’ vocal cords in this recording emit the same level of Unconditional Love Energies that a thousand years ago enabled one to levitate blocks of stone into place as well as to heal people’s physical bodies and Emotional Bodies. This recording provides one with the perfect lullaby with which to fall asleep, as these Love Energized Songs enhance one’s dreamtime.
This recording is one of our new “Basic Love Energized Techniques at home seminar” recordings and is part of the techniques taught in our upcoming “Love is the Answer to Everything” and “Creation, the Truth about God and the Theory of Everything” at home seminar recordings that relax one’s physical and Emotional bodies, and expand one’s Conscious Awareness.
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We do What we Say, We Walk our Talk

$5 from each CD/Download sold is donated to an African charity that feeds and educates a thousand destitute children living in corrugated tin shacks in slum areas that have no running water.
(Note: More information on the Ne-Ah-Ga-Ra and Ha-Ne-Ah-Yah Energy Grid is in our “Energetic Cleanse and Connection to Teraphim” Basic Love Energy Techniques at home seminar recording. Click Here to listen to the $9 downloadable recording, (or to order the $15 CD).