Free Online DNA Test

This free DNA test consists of the repetition, in ancient way, of 10 words. The Love Energies created by repeating the 10 words in an ancient way generates a harmonic flow of Love Energies that cause a surge of energetic excitation to occur within the DNA molecules in the brains and Minds of those people who are direct descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This surge of energetic excitation in the brain’s DNA creates a momentary connection to the first level of “Enlightenment”.

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Now, as mentioned in the Free DNA Test, if you felt a surge of energy move within your body, congratulations. Please email us at so we can send you a free technique that will help you work with the surge of energy that you have just experienced.

The state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment generates an Octahedron energy field of negative ions that surrounds one’s temporary physical body and permanent Emotional Body. Our DNA test temporarily generates and connects negative ion Love-Love-Light energies in the brain of one’s physical body with the Mind of one’s Emotional Body.

The True Jesus, as a “Lion of Judah”, was one of the few individuals in the Egyptian/Judah lineage of Jewish people who had access to Enoch’s wisdom, (which Jesus and Mary Magdalene had found in the Ark of the Covenant). Click Here to begin listening right now to the 2nd recording of “The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ” in an $9 downloadable recording, (or to order the $12 CD). Hear the Comforter read from ancient records how Jesus and Mary Magdalene found the Ark of the Covenant.

As discussed in our new “Attain Enlightenment, the Wisdom and the Techniques” Basic Love Energy Techniques at home seminar recording, there are additional levels of Enlightenment. The energies in each one of the many levels of Enlightenment create a different geometric form of energy.

The Octahedron geometric form of energy is the first and lowest level of Enlightenment. The Star Tetrahedron geometric form of energy, is the energy field of the second level of Enlightenment. A Star Tetrahedron is two Tetrahedrons interlocked together.

The different types of energy fields were called Merkabas by both Jesus and Enoch. Mer is the Love Energy that activates the connection between one’s Ka, (Emotional Body), and one’s Ba, (Physical Body). The 2nd level of Enlightenment’s Star Tetrahedron geometric form of energy is also called the Star of Thoth as well as later the Star of David, but this symbol came to people from Thoth Hermes Trismegistus of Egypt, not David of Israel, as is explained in our Attain Enlightenment recording.

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