Jesus is the most studied man in history, yet his true name is a mystery for most people. In the past, this was due to the deliberate destruction of documents by the Roman and Islamic Empires to hide the truth. Today, the Vatican still hides its documents about Jesus’ true history, his marriage to Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ ancient wisdom and his secret teachings.

However, you now have the opportunity to read on this website and listen to recordings, from ancient family documents, the truth about the man called Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene, the woman who descended with him, long ago, down to the denseness, pain and suffering of temporary human physical bodies in order to help humanity.

The actual history of the True Jesus is far more interesting and exciting than the parts of his life the Roman Empire published in the “New Testament”. The public has only confusing portions of the True Jesus’ words and many misinterpretations of words attributed to him, by the evil Saul/Paul.

The new True Jesus website gives people around the world access to Jesus’ true wisdom, (from actual family documents, hidden for 2,000 years and kept secret until recently), by descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Jesus’ prophesized “Comforter” compiled Jesus’ wisdom and information from secret family documents for you to read on this website and hear in the amazing CDs and downloadable recordings, that we the actual descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene are now offering to people around the world.

  • Jesus’ Real Name and His Travels in England, India, China and Tibet during the New Testament’s “Lost Years of Jesus” when Jesus resurrected the ancient teachings, wisdom and techniques of Enoch, (the only man listed in the Old Testament to have “Walked with God”).

  • Jesus’ Prophecy about the “Comforter” in the Gospel of John is explained by the Comforter himself, read how he was sent by the “Father”, (as requested by Jesus), to help humanity during the darkest of days upon planet earth.

  • “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life” our family’s secret ancient documents explain the esoteric wisdom contained in this statement and also why Jesus is called the “Son of God” and “The Light of God”.


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