Mary Magdalene

The actual life of the True Mary Magdalene, like the True Jesus, is quite different than the false version of Mary given people in the Roman Empire’s version of the New Testament, by today’s Catholic and Protestant churches.

Orthodox Christians continue to reject Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ wife because of unceasing propaganda by the Roman Empire’s Catholic and Protestant churches.

Please understand that indications of their marriage has been public knowledge for almost 2,000 years in the form of the other “Gospels” that the Roman Empire refused to include in their “New Testament”.

There are a vast amount of private documents in the world that support this sacred marriage, some of which are stored by religions within secret vaults in the Vatican, Mecca and Jerusalem. In addition, there are our ancient family documents that have been secretly hidden from outsiders by Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s descendants for almost 2,000 years.

However, now additional historical proof about the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene has been found, (despite 1,800 years of book burnings by the Roman Empire and its Catholic and Protestant churches).

A fragment of an ancient public papyrus document in an ancient language has just been deciphered by professionals. On the 4th of 8 lines upon this ancient public document are the words “Jesus said to them, my wife….

And so it is, like this public document, the ancient documents written by Jesus, Mary Magdalene and others, (secretly kept for 2,000 years by their descendants), contain similar statements made by Jesus, Mary Magdalene and others, that verify this sacred marriage.

It is time for people to know that it is an ancient fact of life that Jesus the Christed One did marry Mary Magdalene 2,000 years ago in what is literally the world’s greatest love story.

The Roman Empire’s New Testament deliberately left out the fact that Mary Magdalene is called “the Love of God” because of the sacrifices that she made in order to descend with Jesus, the Christed One, down to the 3rd dimensional hell of life in temporary human physical bodies.

As a result of her sacrifices, the Individualized Conscious Awareness and permanent Emotional Body/Holy Ghost of the woman known as Mary Magdalene 2,000 years ago, now resides in the “Barbelo” with the Individualized Conscious Awareness and permanent Emotional Body/Holy Ghost of the man known as Jesus, (to be explained in a future recording).

The descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene are extremely special because of their “Bloodlines” or DNA. It was a known fact in ancient times that special energies from gifted parents were contained in the DNA of their children and their children’s descendants.

Science has known for a long time that human DNA contains the physical body characteristics of a person’s ancestors. But, now scientists have proven that DNA in animals contains memories as well as physical body characteristics of that animal’s ancestors.

However, no scientist has yet come forward with a modern theory, that would support the ancient wisdom contained in our family’s documents, that in humans, memories from one’s ancestors are also recorded in one’s DNA.

The emotions of greed, male dominance and fear were used by Rome to rule the Roman Empire. These same attributes were infused by the Roman Empire into today’s Catholic and Protestant churches because Rome’s false version of a severely pacifist Jesus enables the rich to more easily rule the poor and the meek.

After the Roman Emperor Constantine’s Council of Nicea in 325 AD had “rubberstamped” it’s approval to the Roman Empire’s false version of the life of Jesus, Rome’s soldiers in the 4th century began killing descendants of Jesus’ family living in the Roman Empire, while continuing to destroy any document that conflicted with the Roman Empire’s and New Testament’s false version of Jesus.

The Roman Empire, (and later the Catholics and Protestants following the Roman Empire’s false version of Jesus), slaughtered descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene beginning in the 4th century and this bloodbath actually continued until the 19th century, (more details in a future recording).

Mary Magdalene is called the Love of God because she is the love oriented Individualized Conscious Awareness who descended down to the pain and suffering level of temporary 3rd dimensional human physical bodies with Jesus, the Christed One from God’s Awareness, who is called the Light of God.

Jesus is called the Light of God, because he is the Light, or action oriented Individualized Conscious Awareness who descended to earth from the 14th dimensional level of God’s Awareness.

Mary Magdalene is called the Love of God, because of her abilities to use her voice and vocal cords to transmit negative ions of healing Love-Love-Light energies to help people self heal themselves.

It was Mary Magdalene who was the lead singer whenever she and Jesus the Christ created the negative ions of Love-Love-Light Energies in the Sacred Healing Waters that they made together 2,000 years ago that healed people’s 3rd dimensional physical bodies and their 4th dimensional Emotional Bodies.

Recently, the Comforter, and a special woman, made a “Creating Sacred Healing Waters, the Wisdom and the Techniques” CD/Downloadable recording. Together, they sing and repeat the same Sacred Healing Waters power songs, power prayers and power mantras that were written up, by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, in our family’s ancient documents.

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Mary Magdalene was the “One Who Knows because Jesus taught his wife the secrets of Creation, the truth about God and “The Theory of Everything”. As a result, the male dominated religions of Catholics, Protestants and Jews, have all tried to discredit Mary Magdalene unceasingly for 2,000 years.

Mother and Protector of the Holy Grails, Mary Magdalene taught her children, (about life in a higher state of Consciousness), by being a living example of multiple level Enlightenment, in the constraints of a temporary human physical body, separated from her husband Jesus, and living in southern France, far from the comforts of family and friends in Jerusalem.

Mary Magdalene was a Royal Princess of the northern Sumerian/Israel Jews and her marriage to Jesus, a royal prince of the southern Egyptian/Judah Jews was not appreciated by orthodox Jews of either lineage.


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