Jesus’ Real Name and His Travels

The New Testament contains information about Jesus’ mother and his brothers but little about his father. This was a deliberate omission by the Roman Empire in order to create a myth that it was God, not his father Joseph who impregnated his mother Mary.

This deception of leaving out Jesus’ family name meant that no one could look up ancient historical records about his family. This omission by the Roman Empire prevented people from realizing Jesus and his father Joseph, were of royal Egyptian descent, just like the Old Testament’s “Moses”.

Jesus’ real first name contains the energetic sound that, as recorded in the Old Testament, transformed the Sumerian Abram and Sarai into the biblical Hebrew Abraham and Sarah. Jesus’ family came to Canaan/Palestine as royal Egyptians, with the former Egyptian Pharaoh whom people called “The Moses”. Jesus’ surname shows why he was one of the “Lions of Judah”.

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Jesus traveled with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea to England and had an awakening of memories and long lost wisdom, while visiting the Druid University at Glastonbury, England. Upon touching the Old Testament’s “Stone of Destiny” Teraphim from the Ark of the Covenant, Jesus was suddenly transformed into a “Christed One”.

Upon receiving memories and wisdom from his ancestor Enoch, (the First Lion of Judah), that were recorded in the Teraphim, Jesus traveled to India, China and Tibet, as described in the 1st recording from the autobiography that was actually written by the True Jesus and kept secret for 2,000 years.

In the first recording, people hear about the so called “Lost Years of Jesus”, and learn why all of his years as a youth were deliberately omitted from the Roman Empire’s New Testament, (from which have been written all Catholic and Protestant Christian Bibles).