Mary Magdalene was a Royal Princess

Mary Magdalene was a royal Hasmonaean princess from the Jewish lineage of Sumer/Israel. Jesus was a royal Davidic prince from the Jewish lineage of Egypt/Judah. However, due to historic tribal differences, their marriage resulted in a lot of strife.

The truth is that back 2,000 years ago, the orthodox Jews of both lineages were outraged by the marriage of Mary Magdalene, a princess of the royal Hasmonaean lineage of Sumer/Israel’s Hyksos to Jesus, a prince of the royal Davidic, (aka Thoth Moses III’s), linage of Egypt/Judah.

History books only tell us that in the 16th century BC, the Egyptian pharaoh Ah Moses I defeated the Sumerian/Israel Hyksos. But, the resolution of the Hyksos – Egyptian conflict is only contained in confusing analogies within portions of the Jewish Old Testament. Fortunately, the true story of this conflict’s resolution is contained in our family’s ancient  historic documents.

First of all, as taught long ago, by Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as well as by Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, (aka Enoch), and Vascenda, (Thoth’s wife), “Ah” is the sound created when God’s energies of Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light dance together in the 13th dimensional level to feed and nourish our universe and the other universes in creation.

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In Egypt, the word “Moses” means “heir”. Thus, it was Ah Moses, who was the “Heir” to the energetic sound and the ancient mystical wisdom about “Ah”. Ah Moses used the esoteric wisdom of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus to create a peace treaty between the people living in Egypt/Judah and the Hyksos, (the word Egyptians used to describe the people of Sumer/Israel).

This ancient peace treaty enabled select “Hyksos”, or Sumer/Israel people to receive from Ah-Moses, Thoth’s wisdom and the “Divine Family’s” techniques for using the energies of the “Ah”.

This event is listed in the combined Sumer/Egypt Jewish Old Testament as the time when the Sumerian/Israel Hyksos Abram and his wife Sarai had the word Ah added to their names by “Jehovah” in the Old Testament. This event resulted in the biblical Abraham and his wife Sarah.

However, hundreds of years later, the royal Egyptian called “The Moses” in the Old Testament was still furiously angry with his countrymen in Egypt. Thus, this type of information was specifically excluded from the Old Testament, and only portions of this event were used in the descriptions of some combined historical events.

Using ancient animosities and tribal differences, the Roman Empire found it rather easy to cause strife among the Jewish people. Rome used the suppressed anger from ancient tribal differences to intensify the anger that arose in the orthodox Jews of both lineages when they heard about the marriage of Jesus, prince of the Egyptian/Judah Jews and Mary Magdalene, princess of the Sumer/Israel Jews.

The Roman Empire feared their marriage would unite the lands and peoples of the northern Sumer/Israel and southern Egypt/Judah portions of the former kingdom of David, (aka Thoth Moses III), and that with help from the peoples of other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, they could rather easily overthrow the Roman Empire.

The possibility of an uprising throughout the Middle East and North Africa by the uniting of these two bloodlines caused fear to erupt in Rome. Thus, everything possible was done to prevent this from happening, even to the point of the burning of ancient Jewish historical records by Roman soldiers.

Then, later in the 4th century, the Roman Empire deliberately burned the famous Library of Alexandria in order to prevent scholars from using the truth contained in the actual historical records and in the many scrolls of ancient wisdom to negate the fictional historic work that comprises most of the Jewish Old Testament, (as well as much of Rome’s New Testament).

The Library of Alexandria contained almost a million scrolls and documents. There were thousands of scrolls by Thoth Hermes Trismegistus as well as numerous documents from the great pharaohs known as Ah Moses I, Thoth Moses III, (aka David), and Ahmenhotep III, (aka Solomon).

“There is nothing new under the sun”, and the ancient Jewish outrage at the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and hostility toward their children was similar to the orthodox Egyptians’ anger at the marriage of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III to his Sumer/Israel second wife Tiye, (who was the daughter of “Joseph”, the biblical wearer of the coat of many colors and a Hyksos prince from Megiddo).

The outrage in ancient Egypt reached the point that it was even decreed by law that any half breed son of the Pharaoh of Egypt and Tiye of the Hyksos, would be immediately killed upon birth. Thus, upon birth Tiye and her midwives sent her and Amenhotep III’s son down stream, in a reed basket, to her Sumer/Israel relatives.

However, over the years Tiye’s influence grew because Amenhotep III’s first wife had no sons only one daughter, named Nefertiti. And so it was that Amenhotep IV was allowed to become pharaoh but only if he married his half sister, Nefertiti. Amenhotep IV did marry Nefertiti and they had many children, but also some major disagreements.

Nefertiti, like their father Amenhotep III, (aka Solomon) was tolerant of the various gods and goddesses worshipped throughout the kingdom of Egypt. However, Amenhotep IV was angry at the orthodox multi-god worshipping Egyptians because of his mistreatment as a child. Thus, after becoming pharaoh, he denounced the name of Amenhotep IV and changed his name to Ankhnaten.

He then adopted the unique “Four in One God” philosophy promoted by his mother Tiye’s Sumer/Israel relatives. Later, following the advice of certain of his mother’s relatives, Ankhnaten began closing down temples to Egypt’s gods and goddesses despite vigorous objections by his wife and half sister, Nefertiti.

Accordingly, Egypt’s various religious priests and priestesses mobilized the people against him, saying that the “Divine Family of a 4 in 1 God” was a Hyksos invention. As a result, Ankhnaten was forced to resign as pharaoh and go into exile.

However, a large number of Ankhnaten’s and Nefertiti’s relatives and friends, also chose to follow the “Divine Family of a 4 in 1 God” philosophy way of life. Ankhnaten was refereed to as “The Moses” by his followers, because Moses is the Egyptian word for “heir”, and the biblical Moses was indeed the “Heir” to the throne of Egypt.

In this way, Ankhnaten, (aka “Moses”), felt justified in taking his ancestor Thoth Moses III’s, (aka David’s), “Ark of the Covenant”, his father Amenhotep III’s, (aka Solomon’s) “Holy of Holies”, (the Womb of Asher-Ah), with him when he left Egypt.

An so it was long ago, “The Moses” (aka Ankhnaten) and his followers fled Egypt with the “Holy of Holies” through a swampy area, or marsh, that was difficult for those on foot but impassable to those riding chariots.

It was a combination of Egyptian/Judah and Sumer/Israel relatives of Ankhnaten, Nefertiti, Amenhotep III and Tiye, (daughter of Joseph, the biblical wearer of the coat of many colors), who left Egypt with “The Moses”, (aka Ankhnaten) .

Ankhnaten’s mother Tiye was actually a Sumer/Israel princess, as her father Joseph had been a Hyksos prince in the Sumer/Israel city of Megiddo, and he was a direct descendant of Abraham. Joseph was taken captive by Thoth Moses III and then raised by him in his royal household.

It was in the 6th century BC while being held for 70 years in captivity, (after being conquered by Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians/Iraqis), that a group of rich Jewish men wrote the Old Testament.

These wealthy politicians and merchants, (while being held “in captivity”), decided to write a history of the Hebrew race that would unite and motivate the two different lineages of the Jewish Sumer/Israel and Egypt/Judah people into one Hebrew race that could overthrow the Iraqis who had imprisoned them in Babylon.

These few men changed historical events and in this way the exploits of Thoth Moses III become embellished into that of “David”, a shepherd’s boy, who with the help of Jehovah killed the biggest soldier of the opposing army with only a rock, married the king’s daughter and expanded the kingdom.

This fictitious story was written in an allegorical way to show Thoth Moses III’s accomplishments and to build the fighting spirit of a captive people to the level where they could win their freedom and create a Hebrew kingdom.

In this way, a relatively small group of rich and politically powerful men relegated women to bearing the children who were expected to fight for Hebrew freedom, to benefit a few wealthy politicians and merchants.

And so it was that the ancient Jewish worship of the Divine Family of a 4 in 1 God, (where men and women were equals), was abolished by a small group of rich men.

It was in this way that the worship of the Love Energies, (the Divine Mother aspect of God), was abolished by just a few men in the 6th century BC. These rich men were cleaver, so they devised and used words in the Old Testament to modify the Truth about God in a false and misleading manner, that erroneously promotes male dominance.

We, the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, feel it is time for people to know that the ancient Jewish people worshipped Asher-Ah as the mother aspect of God, (the supreme female deity), and El as the father aspect of God, (the supreme male deity), and together they were the “Divine Couple”.

Their son called He, was referred to as “King of the Heavens” and their daughter Anath, was called the “Queen of the Heavens”. Together the four were called the “Divine Family”. Ancient Jewish people, (before the 6th century BC), worshipped the “Divine Family of a 4 in 1 God”, described in letters as YHWH” and pronounced as Yahweh.

The word Yahweh was translated into English as Jehovah. And so it is that in Jehovah’s name of YHWH, the Y is El, (the Father aspect of God), the first H is Asher-Ah, (the Mother aspect of God), W is He, the son, (King of the Heavens) and the second H is Anath, the daughter, (Queen of the Heavens).

However, in the 6th century BC when writing the Old Testament, the Divine Family of a 4 in 1 God was simply condensed a male God, whom these rich men called Jehovah, who is described, or quoted, in the Old Testament as saying he is a vindictive God.

This process of a conversion from a Divine Family of a 4 in 1 God to a one male God concept of the Hebrews took all of the 70 years in captivity to accomplish. This concept of a one male God was not accepted by all of the various tribes of the two lineages of Jewish people until the end of captivity when the two lineages of Sumer/Israel and Egypt/Judah joined together as Hebrews, and the “Chosen Ones” of “Jehovah”.

And so it was that after 70 years of lacking the Love Energies given out by the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the result was today’s confusing Old Testament, (that is filled with analogies for those with eyes that see). This is how the Old Testament became the western world’s spiritual history.

It was in this way that the female aspect of God, the Womb of Asher-Ah, in the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, kept in the inner sanctuary of David’s, (Thoth Moses III’s) and that of Solomon’s, (Amenhotep III’s) temple in Egypt, as well as in the later day Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, was left out of the western world’s Old Testament based religions.

The Ark of the Covenant, as the Womb of Asher-Ah and the Holy of Holies, contained unique Teraphim, artifacts and documents by Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and Vascenda, including the Emerald Tablet of Thoth.

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Long ago, there were certain songs that when sung by advanced spiritual adepts, like Jesus and Mary Magdalene, (or Thoth and Vascenda), would activate energies within the Teraphim.

Some songs caused the damaging electro-magnetic energies of Unceasing Light to erupt from the Ark. Other songs enabled exquisite Mind expanding magnetic-electro energies of Unconditional Love to erupt from the Ark.

In today’s world, there are many discordant electro-magnetic sounds of Unceasing Light emitted by various technological machines in the form of beep beeps.

There are but 3 remaining magnetic-electro singers in today’s world, of the Unconditional Love Energies that a thousand years ago levitated blocks of stone into place and that today heal human 3rd dimensional physical bodies and human 4th dimensional Emotional Bodies.

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